Prostitution Places

Most of the “sellers” here ages 30-40 years old. On the weekend, some pimps will bring young prostitutes over.


Golden Truly Fatmawati

Golden Truly Fatmawati Rp 45.000 per hour.

Jl MT Haryono.

Ciputat Raya. Wild girls.

JL. Melawai Raya, Lt. 6 outside the elevator, turn left to “MARIBAYA”

Jl Semeru No. 18, Grogol. Mostly Chinese Kalimantan.

Jl Mangga Besar VIII no.12B/C

KARTIKA Bar and Massage
Jl.Hayam Wuruk 114. Located beside Suisse Bakery.

Daan Mogot I/31.

Daan Mogot beside Medica.

Complex ITC Roxy Mas.

Hayam Wuruk Lt.3.

ATLANTA Diskotik
Mangga Besar, complex Lokasari fifth floor, blok C no 1-12.

HOT PANT Diskotik
Daan Mogot.

TIARA CERIA (Today Country)
Lokasari Plaza Mangga Besar.

LIDO (fitness centre),
Citra land Mall.

JOKER (Jakarta 2000)
Daan Mogot, belakang Medica.

BM (Bintang Mawar)
Mangga besar, beside complex Lokasari in front of Olympic hotel.

Jl Hayam Wuruk.

Jl Mangga Besar V III (in front of Kimochi).

Ruko Taman Surya 2

Duta Merlin.

Golden Truly Harmoni.

Jl Blora.

Jl.P Jayakarta complex Ruko KOTA INDAH Blok B 45/39B.

Beside Hotel Horizon Ancol.


Jl Pramuka.

JL. SS Klender.


Gay Places

Aetna Building, Sudirman, South Jakarta – especially in the male restrooms at the basement and ground floor; some securities there are also adorable, gorgeous, gay-friendly, and unbelievable large one.

Ancol Dreamland Recreational Park North Jakarta – The swimming pool complex on Sunday, especially in the evening, behind the waterfall.

Aston Atrium Hotel, Jl.Senen Raya No.135 Central Jakarta – the most favorite place is 3rd floor. There is a fitness center, sauna, and swimming pool. For those who likes the Arabians and Indians, this is the place.

Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta – Excelso Cafe and food court. Most of the gays here are teenagers. There are also gigolos around the lobby and in front of the Cinema.

Bumi Karsa Hotel, Jl.Gatot Subroto no.71 – 73 South Jakarta – third floor, the same features as Aston Atrium Hotel.

Cinere Mall, Jakarta Selatan – many gays visit here on weekend.

Djakarta Theatre, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – many gays also visit here on weekend.

G.K.B.I.Tower, Jl.Sudirman South Jakarta – well-known gay lunch place.

G.M.S.B.Fitness Centre, Pasar Festival lower ground, Jl.H.R.Rasuna Said, South Jakarta – fitness centre members mostly are gays. This place is full all day on weekend, and after 5 pm weekdays. There are also gigolos here.

Grand Duta Theatre, Jl.Kramat Raya Central Jakarta – A middle-low-class theatre which only costs Rp.3,500 per head. A lot of oral sex activity were found here while they are watching movies.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – 2 favorite gay places here: O’Reiley’s Pub and Fountain Lounge. O’Reiley’s Pub is an exclusive reflexiology place, mostly visited by businessmen and young executives. Fountain Lounge is an elegant rendezvouz place with live music piano.

Hotel Indonesia, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – Male restrooms and the swimming pool, especially on Wednesday.

Heaven Club Jakarta –

Penthouse Menara Imperium, Jl.H.R.Rasuna Said Kuningan, South Jakarta – often held gays special events on Sunday nights.

Lapangan Banteng, Jl.Lapangan Banteng Central Jakarta – a gay car driver meet another gay car driver here and exchange their phone number to be contacted later. They do not get off the car. While guys that stand around there and don’t have a car are gigolos.

Life Spa Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jl.Gatot Subroto South Jakarta – The most favorite day here is Friday, and there are a lot of Indonesian male celebrities gym here.

Life Spa Millenium Sirih Hotel, Jl.Fachrudin Central Jakarta – one of the undercover gays sauna place in Jakarta.

Lokasari Complex, Mangga Besar North Jakarta – On the fifth floor parking lot of ex-Cinema 21, there’s a small male restroom. A lot of “actions” happened there. There are also a small hole to peep.

Mangga Dua Mall, Jl.Mangga Dua Raya North Jakarta – Gays here usually meet at the male restroom on the ground floor and first floor at lunch time. And then they continue their “action” inside the emergency exit at the second floor.

Plaza Indonesia, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – a lot of gays and lesbians can be found all around this building, especially at Starbucks Coffee, Excelso Cafe, Oh La La Cafe, dan Country Kitchen. Try to visit Plaza Indonesia on the Saturday night, and count how many couples are there.

Retro Discotheque Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta Selatan – Most of its visitors are middle-high class gays, and some celebrities. Dress code: semi formal.

Sarinah Building, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – Tony Jack’s, Hard Rock Cafe, dan Sarinah Department Store

SCTV Tower, Jl.Gatot Subroto South Jakarta – Oh La La Cafe.

Senayan Sports Complex, Jl.Gelora Senayan South Jakarta – Sunday morning before 9 AM, there’s a lot of gay joggers. Some of them might started to know each other there and then go to nearest private place after. This is called “breakfast”.

Sky Bar & Discotheque, Wisma Nusantara Lantai 28, Jl.M.H.Thamrin Central Jakarta – there are schedule for gay parties every months.

Tanamur Discotheque, Jl.Tanah Abang Timur Central Jakarta – Mostly gays come here on Friday and Saturday. On the second floor, there’s a special area for gays and Go Go Dancers.

Taman Anggrek Shopping Mall & Apartments, Jl.S.Parman West Jakarta – third floor male restroom behind Johnny Andrean Salon. Can find some “actions” there.

Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Jl.Cikini Raya – there’s a lot of gays on the male restroom every Monday.

World Trade Center (WTC), Jl.Sudirman South Jakarta – Ground floor male restroom some gays meet here, and then they will go to 16th-17th floor to do whatever they will.

Most Famous Homosexual Clubs

Well-known as a big metrosexual city of Indonesia, Jakarta has both recognized and undercover ‘special’ nightclubs.
The most popular recognized one is Heaven, while the most popular undercover one is Musro Lounge and Bar.

Heaven specialized itself into a homosexual nightclub, and most of its visitors are gays other than lesbians. The owner of Heaven itself is a gay, and most of the workers are homosexuals either.
It was located in Jalan Darmawangsa IX, South Jakarta. As for now, the club had moved to fX’ntertainment Centre 5th floor.
What makes Heaven so popular?
– Its great dedication as a homosexual club; Heaven is the one and only openly homosexual club in Jakarta
– Creative party ideas; it is the most important thing for a club to never lost ideas of great party.
Heaven is brave enough to explore many things that other clubs didn’t have, such as strippers and Flamengo gay dancers.

Musro Lounge and Bar never openly declare themselves as a club for homosexuals, and maybe they didn’t intended to be one at first. But now, most of the clubbers in Jakarta know Musro Lounge and Bar as a famous undercover gay club in Jakarta.
It is located inside Borobudur Hotel Jakarta.
What makes Musro Lounge and Bar so popular?
– Its identity as a general night club, but in fact most of the visitors are gays and lesbians
Musro Lounge and Bar keep their image as an elegant club even though they are famous as an undercover homosexual club.
– Visitors can opt to dine in and enjoy the lounge
– For some homosexuals those still shy to declare themselves as ones, they prefer to go to Musro rather than Heaven.

nightclubs + gays + lesbians

Jakarta is the main city of Indonesia, it is the center of government, political and economic management. Therefore, many people visit Jakarta, either for business, work or just to have fun. As many people visit Jakarta, the life here is wonderful but at times a busy life. People work and study during the day, and then are able to have fun at night.

The nightlife and prostitution is considered as “fun” for most people; and gays & lesbians seem to take pride in taking part in those actions.

From research and experience, we have found that a lot of nightclubs and bars around Jakarta offer a “gay night” once a week. There are even some gay nightclubs.

Gay night means that there will be a lot of gays and lesbians gathering at the nightclub, and the nightclub itself will provide some gay/lesbian treatments or gay shows. While the night is actually for the gays, straight people and couples are welcome as well, to party, dance and to just have a good time together.

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Main Definition

According to the Oxford Dictionary,
Gay means “homosexual”; and Lesbian means “woman who is sexually attracted to other women”.
While Nightlife means “entertainment that is available at night”.
Prostitution means “has sex for money”.


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